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Hello! Welcome to Best Scope GuideMyself is Robert Pollock. I love hunting as I love thrill. As a hunting enthusiast and shooter, I feel that it will be fun if I can share my experience which was accumulated from all of my adventures. This site is a small tribute to all those amateurs who wants to make a mark and feel the enjoyment of thrilling hunting adventures.

Best Scope Guide is primarily focused on hunting accessories reviews ranging from Rifle Scope, Hunting Gloves, Flashlight, Knifes etc. The motivation is to giving you the best information in terms of both quality and quantity. I will also try my best to share my personal hunting experiences and stories to give you inside of hunting techniques.

The idea of bestscopeguide.com was initially started with a small idea which is quickly got out of hand and growing to a much bigger website than supposed to be. Hunting Rifle Scope was my exclusive focus point at the starting point but honestly i can not bind myself only to that.

Points to be noted

Are you personally reviewed all the models discussed on this site?
No. It will be overwhelming as there are lots of products available on the market place and the cost will be high also. My reviews are truly based on my knowledge, market survey of a product, interviewing of the experts, asking a lot of questions on forums etc.

Who am I?
I am Robert Pollock who loves thrill and loves hunting. Hunting is my passion and hobby. But unfortunately I am not in  elite special forces.

Specific model was not listed, why?
For two reasons, first either I don’t found it worth to recommend such product or maybe the manufacturers don’t have all the information listed which make it less informative for me.

What gears should I select for me?
There are infinitives of products on market. First, list down all activities you are going to do and then tailor the product list as per your activities. But do consider the factors like your prey, distance of shooting, safety, hunting apparels, types of weapon etc. If your look for our help then do ask your question on comments section or contact with us via our contact page.

I am thankful for your visit

Everything needs support to grow or move on as I need. If you feel good and find my job worthy, please do share with your friends by spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and what ever you have as means of communication. This will keep me motivated to carry on and spend more time for researching & reviewing hunting accessories.

Thanks for your visit & learning from bestscopeguide.com