8 Effective Facts to Avoid Scope Bite

I can’t tell whether you’ve been a hunter before or whether you’re aspiring to be one in future. The truth is that the jungle won’t be kind to and some other of your equipment will be against you. When hunting; the primary qualification is that the degree of your precision needs to be excellent. This will enable you to avoid scope bite but only hit your target.

Many hunters will fail to admit if they faced this bite but the defiant scar on their face will tell it all. For hunters, you’ll find three classes of people namely;

  • First type of Hunters who have been scope bitten
  • Second type Hunters who have never been scope bitten
  • The third type of Hunters who have been scope bitten over and over again.

I’m now sure that you know your category well. A scope bite happens when your face is too close to the rifle or when your rifle doesn’t rest well on your shoulder.

It’s necessary that you take sufficient time to put everything in place so as to avoid injuries on your face. The notable injuries are scope cut forehead and the eye injuries. However, if you take in the following measures, you will save yourself from pain and embarrassment.

8 Effective Facts to Avoid Scope Bite

Have a quality scope

This is very basic for you to hit your real target without hitting yourself. A quality scope will let you see through it well and improves your precision towards the right direction. 18 powers Leupold scope will be ideal for the hunting exercise.

Mount the scope on the rifle but not too tight

When mounting your quality scope on a rifle, you shouldn’t tighten it in such a way that you can’t turn it. Ensure that it’s flexible enough and rotating with ease.

Avail yourself to the rifle and see through the scope

Try to distance yourself well from the scope in order to find a clear view.  The ocular lens of your scope shouldn’t show any shadow whether at the bottom or top. You should adjust it accordingly until the shadows clear out.

Adjust your scope to the maximum power

This is an essential step that can save you from bearing scope eye scar after an eye injury. You must set your scope to its highest available power. If it’s power 18, then tune it to power 18 and not a paltry power 10.

Make yourself comfortable like any queen

Yes, get enough between you and the scope and ensure that your shoulder sits perfectly comfortable. You can check through the ocular lens if there are shadows. Close and open your eyes repeatedly and see if you can still see the focus. You should feel comfortable to the point that you can sleep for hours in the same position.

Remember that your bull impact will be opposite the position where the shadow is. For instance, when the shadow is at the bottom then the bull impact will be at the top and vice versa.  Clear any shadow available to prevent injuries on your forehead that can result in scope cut forehead.

Set yourself in the eye relief position

When you have a quality scope like the one in the discussion, you should give yourself an allowance of between 3- 3 ½ inches. This will save you from scope bite that can generate into scope cut.

Have a clear view of the basis

Provided that you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to see well through the ocular lens. This aspect will prevent your rifle scope from hitting your eye.

Get your cheek piece

This isn’t mandatory as you will only use it to put your eye in line the focus of your prey.


You will be safe from hitting yourself, and your prey will reach home to make you a delicious meal.



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