How to Hunt Coyotes at Night Without a Light?

You may have heard some of your friends boasting how they aced a hunting trip. You might be wondered of how to hunt coyotes at night? This may have gotten you excited and looking forward to a trip of your own. However, don’t think that it is as easy as sounds.

Coyotes are master predators and are hard to outsmart. You must beat all their three senses to be successful. Also, there are other things you must be aware of before you start your hunting expedition.

What you need to know before you start your hunting trip

Coyotes are nocturnal, and so as a hunter, you may need to do your hunt at night. The predators do most of their activities during the night and rest during the day.

You must also obtain a hunting license from your relevant local authorities. Steps to applying for the permit vary across states. Therefore, find out about the procedure and follow it.

You cannot do your coyote hunting anywhere at any time. There are places set aside for hunting without any restrictions whatsoever. Therefore, do your homework and find them.

Even in the places where you can legally hunt, there are still regulations and procedures you need to abide by. There are hunting seasons and times when it is appropriate to hunt. Find out when it is appropriate for you to hunt and pick the right hunting ground that fits your schedule.

The things you need

Before you start your expedition, be sure to pack a few items that will make your hunting more fulfilling. The first in the list of essentials is water. If you will be alert most of the night, it is important you keep hydrating to maintain your concentration. A good tactical hydration pack will help you out to carry decent amount of water while hunting.

The other thing that you need not forget is food. It might be a whole night tracking, and you need your energy levels up. The most appropriate snacks may include nuts as they contain a high number of calories.

Also, remember to keep your gas tank full to take you to and fro the hunting grounds. It is always good to carry an extra jerry can of fuel if you are not sure of the distance you are going to cover. You may need to travel a lot from one hunting ground to the next.

It is critical that you carry a first aid kit. You never know anything can happen at any time. Prepare well.

Coyotes are nocturnal creatures, and so their eyes are sharp during the night. Therefore, you will need a camouflage suit so you may blend well with the environment.

If you are not good at calling, you can purchase an electronic caller, to attract the coyote towards where you are. However, you are free to choose the one that fits for you. The electronic caller is preferable as it easy to leave the sound and position yourself for the kill.

And the most important thing that you will need is a rifle for coyote hunting. Any kind of rifle is good for hunting coyotes since they are relatively smaller than you may think. They also have soft skin meaning big bullets will unnecessarily harm the predator’s skin. A 243 caliber rifle will be more than appropriate and will do the trick. It shoots fast and can carry the bullet for long distances.

A good rifle scope will make your hunting experience more thrilling. A visual aid for a long distance shooting is always welcome for any hunter. Try to find a good one with mounting and practice a couple of times to shoot using a scope to avoid scope bite in an actual hunting situation.

Coyote hunting tips and techniques

During the dark, it is very hard to find a good hunting spot. Therefore, scout the area and take notes as you move from one place to the other during the day. Planning the hunt by spotlighting some of the most appropriate places will make your hunting easier.

To effectively track coyotes, you need to know where they hunt or where the water holes are. You can find many animals in places where there are large water bodies. You have already done a pre-scout before the hunt, and you have marked all these places on your map. If you are hunting with a friend, remember silence is critical. Postpone your funny hunting moments’ stories for another day.

You must have a spotlight which you will scan around for the predator with. Animals that can see in the dark have a bright reflection from their eyes. Therefore, they will be easy to spot. However, you must be able to tell the right eye reflection from coyotes before you can make a kill.

Spotlights that have their power source from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter are very nice to use. They give off a powerful beam in the night making it easy for you to spot the right predators. Those that have a rechargeable power supply are also nice to use.

Coyotes are more confident responding to calls during the day than night. Therefore, if you are a successful caller during the day, then your night hunting calls will be a success. Prey in distress sounds makes the predator run towards you. In that regard, prepare yourself well with a rifle.

When you see a coyote, make very minimal movements. That is because if the coyote spots you, it will disappear into the night in the nick of an eye. Make the kill as soon as you can manage it. Here speed and precision are essential. For success, target the coyote’s vital organs.

After you have made your first kill, remain still. There may be other coyotes around that are too still afraid to move after the initial shot. Wait, and you may get others increasing your count of coyote kills.

One critical tip is that you should be very ready when you start making the calls. Coyotes are predators and will take a very short time before they are onto you. Don’t go as a hunter and become the prey.

Can coyotes see the red light

When you purchase your spotlight, it is also important to get a red filter. This filter will turn your light red, and most predators do not see red. Therefore, they will be unaware that an intense beam of light is on them.


You should also note that not all coyotes respond quickly to distress calls. Some may come casually and so patience is paramount. Don’t wrap up your hunting and go counting your losses just because your three-hour calls are unsuccessful. Good hunters wear the virtue of patience like a medal. I think you are now ready for hunting coyotes at night.


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