Wood Duck Hunting Tips

wood duck hunting tips

Some of the big game hunters like us want a little change and a different kind of challenge when it comes to hunting. No one fancies staying on a single diet if you know what I mean. When it comes to choosing a small game, wood ducks are the most strange and challenging among their … Read more

8 Effective Facts to Avoid Scope Bite

How to avoid scope bite

I can’t tell whether you’ve been a hunter before or whether you’re aspiring to be one in future. The truth is that the jungle won’t be kind to and some other of your equipment will be against you. When hunting; the primary qualification is that the degree of your precision needs to be excellent. This … Read more

How to Hunt Coyotes at Night Without a Light?

How to hunt coyotes at night

You may have heard some of your friends boasting how they aced a hunting trip. You might be wondered of how to hunt coyotes at night? This may have gotten you excited and looking forward to a trip of your own. However, don’t think that it is as easy as sounds. Coyotes are master predators … Read more

6 Ways to Go Coon Hunting Without Dogs

Coon Hunting

There are many grand ways of passing the time and among them is coon hunting. When you think of raccoons, one of the things that come to mind is the barking of dogs and hunters at their tail.  The thought of going alone coon hounds is often intimidating for many. That is because dogs are … Read more



  Secrets of choosing the best rifle scope is an art of knowledge. You have to understand every bit of  terminology and the definition of every piece of parts of a scope.  Hunting is a great hobby. It’s a thrilling game. A game of fun with lots of thrills and adventure. It’s almost 25 years … Read more