Top 5 Best Varmint Scope For Rifle – Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Around us, some types of animals spread disease or sometimes destroy crops, and they are known as a varmint. If you’re searching for a perfect guide here and there to choose the best varmint scope to kill them all, then this is the platform where you’ll find out the best guideline.

Varmints are very much harmful to domestic animals and for livestock. So, it is important to chase them from important areas where they can create a destructive effect. But most of the varmints are very much cunning, stealthy, wary and intelligent. And for this reason, it is very difficult to hunt varmint.

So, to hunt varmint, you should choose the perfect gear to hunt varmint. It helps to obtain success in his job. It is known to all that choosing the varmint scope is the most critical issue than all other equipment which is needed at the time of hunting.

It is obvious that better gear makes easier any task. It is true also for shooting a varmint around the house or crop land.

Sometimes special gear is necessary for saving your private livestock. So, a varmint scope is essential for you then if you’re facing harassment by the varmints.

Locally it is very hard to face and protect own livestock properties and crops. Such precaution of having varmint rifle and scope along with saves a lot of valuable properties and money as well. And better scope will perform better at targeting.

List of Best Varmint Scope

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Before we go for in-depth discussion lets, have an idea of what is varmint actually?

What Is Varmint?

Varmint is an animal that destroys livestock or crops, especially of farmers. Such animal damages all the hard work of a farmer. And some varmints harass the farmers rather than damaging crops or livestock.

People who want to lead their lives with farming and taking caring of livestock they need to get rid of varmint most. Because making them free to damage their croplands might cost a lot.

What is Varmint Scope?

A varmint scope is an optical device that helps a shooter to focus a distant target especially a varmint before shooting. Without a scope, it is very difficult to make a decision whether the object is at the right place or not. Sometimes it makes ambiguities to set target. So, a scope helps a varmint shooter to detect the varmints at daylight or night and save their crops and livestock.

A typical varmint scope is made inside a straight pipe of alloy or something else. There an optical glass exists that produces a clear and closer picture of the target or varmint. There exists an objective lens to cover maximum light coming towards the scope so that brightness is enough for detection. Inside the scope, there is a magnification functioning equipment to make proper zoom of the desired object.

Several brands for buying the best varmint scope are available in the market. Just you’ve to make a clear decision considering some factors. While considering these factors make sure you can select appropriate properties and brand according to your requirement. Based on your requirements and the budget model number may vary. So, think before buying not after.

How to Choose the Best Varmint Scope

To choose the best gear to take care of your crops and livestock you should definitely make the decision wisely. The wise decision needs some factors to be confident. Before the final selection makes sure your scope has the following features.

Convenient Rifle to Install the Scope

You have to own a rifle that suits your desired scope most. Without any rifle, the only scope can’t solve your problem of varmint. Generally, scope helps to find out the varmint you want to shoot. The scope helps to focus on the exact position of that varmint. So, without a scope, it is not possible to hunt varmint. And without any rifle, you can’t install any scope. So, plan your budget and own a rifle first. Because all scopes won’t suit your rifle. First, have a rifle then take a step to own a scope.

Glass Quality

Your scope should have clarity so that you can find out the varmint from a certain distance. Without clear imaging, you might miss the varmint. Scope glass should have clear and fresh imaging capability.

Quality glass depicts the clear image of a varmint. In the winter season the skin color of most of the varmints resembles the surface color of a dried forest. In that case, you can’t really find out the desired varmint to shoot. So, be careful about the scope glass clarity power while buying.

Here is a test to check the clarity of a scope. Test your glass clarity observing these images and texts putting this image at a certain distance.
centerfire training
Check out the details here

Magnification Power

People always try to buy a camera having a wide range of zoom power. Why? It gives an opportunity to get the distant object closer. In the case of hunting varmint, magnification capacity helps to take the distant varmint closer to your eyes.

So, you can easily shoot varmint just rolling the magnifying capacity of your scope. In the market, scopes are available of having 3x zoom. Some scopes have up to zoom 10x. Even some scopes have up to zoom power 20x. So, measure the yard of your cropland and then decide which scope you need to cover that area.

Light & Objective Lens

Considering light and objective lens are also important at the time of hunting. Varmints choose to hunt at the time of low light condition. So, to get the varmints at night, it is essential to prefer those scopes which can be used at night.

So a scope with an exit pupil diameter is suitable for the varmint’s hunters. The calculation of exit pupil diameter is a very complex process. It can be calculated by dividing the diameter of the objective lens by the magnification of the scope.

An objective lens diameter in the 42-50mm range is the best-situated magnification level at the time of hunting. Naturally, the pupil of the human eye at the time of low light is dilated to a diameter of approximately 5mm. So when the scope’s exit pupil get greater than 5mm diameter it ensures the best use of a scope.

In addition, fully coated lenses are must in varmint scope at low light shooting. Lens coatings help to reduce the light reflected off the lens.


Another important matter of the scope is the reticle.  Mil-Dot reticle helps to holdover on longer shots and hunters can get information about their lead on moving targets. When the hunter acquired his target, he may need to change magnification.

At the windy day, adjustable reticles give benefits to the hunters. Lighted reticles may be helpful for this type of shooting. There are lots of reticle for scopes in the market. Depending on the yards you need to focus you can choose reticles of any type.

Budget-Friendly or Not?

Finally, an important factor you should consider is the price of scope. If you like any scope and the budget crosses your buying limit, then your judgment will be in vain.

So, before selecting any product finally be careful about the price. The Higher price will lessen the opportunity of buying that product. In that case, you should consider the requirements and prices simultaneously.

You’ve to take better feature instead of the best of any specific point. Otherwise, each and every feature will cost you a lot. So, don’t get stuck. Make a compromise and best deal as well. It’s all about satisfaction as well as protection of your livestock and crops.

You can check this link for your better understanding.

Types of varmint scope

It is not easy to get the right varmint scope from the market. Because at the market there are different types of varmint scopes are founded. Sometimes the hunters can hunt without scope if they hunt at daytime or diurnal animals.

But to hunt some nocturnal animals like boars or coyotes, hunters must have to use the scope. The budget is also a very important issue for the hunters. Because the hunters use a scope to hunt varmints and this type of hunting is different from serious battlefield use.

So, the way to choose varmint scope is different, and the hunters should buy the scope which is favorable for his hunting. The details of some good varmint scopes are given below.

Variable Distant Scopes

Suppose, you have long yards of crops and livestock and you’re not sure how long your scopes should cover. In this case, you should buy a scope having variable magnification power. Such scopes help you to make the focus on exact location. You can easily adjust your magnification according to your requirements.

Generally, sniper type rifles need such scopes as it gives an opportunity to close your target as clear as possible. Such scope price is more expensive than a normal one. Variable distant scopes have more complex structure than simple scopes.

Fixed Distant Scopes

When you have small yards to save from the varmints, you can own these scopes. Before you buy such scope, you have to get the measurement of your area and shooting target distance. After getting the proper idea of your area, you can select your scope checking specifications and features.

Scopes should be target based like 100 yards, 200 yards or 500 yards. Depending on the number of yards scopes specification may changes.

Time Variable Scopes

Some varmints come out at night and some at daylight. So, they hamper the crops and livestock either at daytime or night. To protect them you’ve to select your scope operation time wisely. If you protect them at daytime, you need to select scopes that work perfectly at daytime. To operate these scopes at night you’ve to definitely select night vision scope. All other scopes work fine at daylight. But for night light special type of scopes are available at the market.

The Best Varmint Scope Brands


Tasco has been making different types of scopes since 1954 with success. These scopes are riflescopes, telescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes. All of these scopes are of high quality and highly appreciable. Customer response is huge regarding the scopes of Tasco.

Day by day Tasco is implementing innovative technology in all the recent scopes. Due to this, people are getting extra feature and comfort while using these devices. Besides the core function of any scope if any extra feature can be added to perform better than regular it could add an extra value towards the customer relationship buildup.


Nikon is a familiar name in the camera loving people network, especially who love to play with the lens. So many passions and dedication make people curious to buy different types of lens or scopes to play.

A few numbers of people got failure using Nikon scopes because it is one of the best lens manufacturers that really means quality. Nikon is producing the next generation hunting and shooting optics.

Optical research is bringing an innovation each and every moment. In that case, Nikon could be the leader in the market as it has already won the heart of a young generation. It is manufacturing premium quality optics for using any kind of outdoor activity.

Any activity related to fishing, hunting, or any other outdoor adventure needs so much modern optical devices. To make happy these adventurous people is the motive of Nikon maintaining premium quality of the product, ensuring better customer support and strong relationship forever.

Nikon has the achievement to make the light transmission up to 95% providing quality lens inside the scope. It is aiming to produce optics functioning at all types of light environment. It focuses on the better resolution as well.


Bushnell manufactures sports optics ensuring higher performance. Bushnell has been doing this work with pride for more than 65 years. Mainly providing the best quality and reliable product is the motive of Bushnell that is affordable practically.

It not only sells products to the profitable customers but also ensures the best customer service as per requirements. It is the company that is leading the sports optics industry. Winning different awards for design and performance is the real proof of that. Bushnell not only covers the people of sports, fishing, hunting, birding but also the people from fine arts, concerts, and theaters where optical devices are necessary.

This company has great pride in the market as it launches its products through intensive research using the state of the art technology. Due to such research, they are leading the market with their innovative products.

From their regular customers, it is easy to know how much familiar is this company is. Most of the customers are happy to use their products like binoculars, scopes or other sports optics. A lot of products are available to buy in different stocks of different marketplaces. Because they believe in performance driven product manufacturing and reach a number of happy customers.


UTG is a great brand of Leapers Inc. Its innovative products have made a great change in the total revenue of Leapers. UTG mainly focuses on outdoor optics.

These devices stimulate people to go outside and enjoy their leisure time with adventure. Its manufacturing factory is in the USA. All the manufacturing operation is done here. There is a sister concern brand of UTG is UTG PRO. This also has a huge prospect to promote their products. This brand already got enough number of customer response all over the USA in different states. Only the product quality has made the way easier.


UUQ is the latest trend in the market as they are focused on making long range varmint scopes. Recently their products have been amazing at better performance and correct shooting.

All over the shooting, these products have special features regarding lens and glass including better specifications and power. They are making extra sights for getting a clear picture of the targets or varmints.
The diameter of the tube and lens are giving more advantages. For extra beneficial shooting exposer, it is offering better magnification power for the shooters. You should go for these products if you have larger yards of crops and livestock. The Clear image makes people happy to make a closer shooting.

List of the Best Varmint Scope for the Money from Top Brands

Bushnell AR Optics BTR-1

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Bushnell is one of the oldest scope manufacturers. It produces quality scopes for varmint shooting. Bushnell has been producing a multicoated optical system for years. That ensures quality and clear view of the target. Target seems so clear due to its 4x magnification feature. It permits the shooter to zoom in the target from the range of 1x to 4x. Its performance is outstanding at the lower light environment.

It is completely made of aluminum alloy that is high-durable. This scope allows making a precision adjustment so that the varmint seems nearer to the target. Its performance is quite amazing at the lower light environment. It can target the varmint even at the low light distance. This should in the list of the best varmint scope for 223. Its reticle is amazing having self-lines. It allows it to cover the target so clear even without making the target point over the varmint.


  • Durable
  • Rigid Structure
  • Budget friendly
  • Perfect for lower light shooting


  • Weight is higher

Tasco Target Varmint 6 Rifle Scope

[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”n” height=”259″ identifier=”B000GEY6L4″ locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”bestscopeguide-20″ width=”500″]

Tasco Corporation offers high-quality varmint scope to the customers. They are offering the Varmint 6-24x model and they featured it with actual mil-dot reticle. The varmint scope has 42-millimeter extra-large objective lens.

The variable magnification system of the product allows the users to go from 6 ranges to 24x magnification. It has quality optics and high durability. Most of the users get an advantage by using the product.

The way to use the scope at the time of hunting is quite easy. Tasco is one of the major scope manufacturers. It is waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof as well. It has mil-dot type reticle. Such reticle has the best performance while shooting. Its 19.6-inch length has a multicoated optical system. It assures the brightness and light transmission. Its larger objective lens provides better lighting inside and a better clear target of varmint.


  • Perfect for long range shooting
  • Crystal clear target
  • Wider objective lens


  • Not for small area

Nikon P-223 Mate

[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B006YVT0R8″ locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”bestscopeguide-20″ width=”500″]


Nikon is already a well-known brand for the lens. For the selection of camera, people choose either Canon or Nikon according to their requirement or choice. But for the lens, it is obvious that people will love to buy from Nikon brand.

As per the quality of lens people also choose Nikon scopes for varmint shooting having 0.223 cartridges. So, you can consider this product as the best varmint scope for 223. It’s one of the hottest products of P-223 series with 98% light transmission feature.

It has the feature number like 3-9×40. This number depicts that its magnification power 3x and variable up to 9x. The number mentioned at the end is 40 that depicts its optical lens diameter is 40mm. This is enough for getting the extreme level of brightness. Another reason behind its brightness is it has a multicoated optical system inside it. You should go for this product if you have a limited budget to buy the best varmint product.


  • Best varmint scope for the money
  • Excellent clarity
  • More than enough brightness


  • Small BDC reticle bubbles.
  • Blur at low light.

UTG BugBuster Scope

[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”n” height=”417″ identifier=”B005UGIMNQ” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”bestscopeguide-20″ width=”500″]


This scope is amazing who need a quality product for the money. It meets all the requirements of a varmint hunter. Its magnification is perfect at the range for 0.22. Most amazing part is its optics are clear and sharp for focusing quite clear to the varmint.

Another important part to choose the best scope is its reticle. For this specific product, reticle is great even at a darker place. If you already followed the guide on how to choose the best varmint scopes, then you can say this product meets all the criteria. So, this scope could be a better option to choose.
And finally, the pricing is affordable to have such quality scope in the long run.


  • Shock Proof
  • Fog Proof
  • Rain Proof
  • Budget Friendly


  • Weight is heavy
  • Eye relief is limited due to compact size

UUQ C4 AR15 Rifle Scope

[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B01M0E4VF8″ locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”bestscopeguide-20″ width=”500″]


This is amazing tool having 50mm objective lens diameter. This feature is very impressive for letting light inside more. Such light access makes better brightness. And for specific scope brightness is variable up to level 5. This specific tool is appropriate for long range shooter. Due to covering the extra distance extra feature should have in the scope. Otherwise you may face difficulties while focusing the target.

This scope is fit for long rangers as it has 4 to 12x magnification opportunity. Its light transmission is about 90% which enough to target varmint clearly. It’s comparatively lighter than other products as it is of 750g only. It has dot sight of both RED and GREEN color. This DOT sight is completely holographic having unlimited brightness control up to 5 levels. Its reticle has illumination feature. Besides, this scope has 33mm aperture lens. With the better combination of all features, it can shoot moving targets.

While buying you would get 2 CR batteries and 3 AG batteries. Along with your scope, there would be a complete manual to use it properly at every different situation. For lens, there would be a cap to protect it. There would be two sights. One is red laser, and another is holographic. Red laser covers 100M distance.


  • Best scope for long ranging shooting
  • Lighter scope
  • Better brightness variation control
  • Better option for beginners


  • Price is a little bit higher
  • Only 1 year warranty where another option provides lifetime warranty

Our Recommendation

       [easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B00AU6EIIY” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”bestscopeguide-20″ width=”500″]                                                              

We previously described some important factors on how to choose the best varmint scope at the beginning of this guide. According to that guideline, important factors are magnification powers, glass quality, reticle types, and your budget plan. Some special requirements are reliability, controllability, metal structure and rigidity of any scope.

To get better pest control for your lands, we’re recommending this scope manufactured by Bushnell. After reviewing the benefits and features reviewed by the customers who already experienced this scope we’ve done our research and made a recommendation here. Please check out the details of this scope. Hopefully, this varmint shooting gear will give you the best experience ever. This is the best varmint scope for the money you can spend within your budget.


Is it necessary to have an expensive varmint scope for better performance?

Price actually doesn’t matter if you got the well-performed product. Products always don’t suit everybody mostly. Performance always doesn’t follow the price of that product. It is not obvious that you would get a better product or not in exchange for a good amount of money indeed.

Should lens quality be a prerequisite for buying the best varmint scope so far?

Yes. Of course, without a quality lens, you can’t find out the exact position of your target and locate your object. Light permission and brightness are also dependent on the quality of the glass and lens as well. So, keep up looking for a quality glass as much as you can.

What features actually are necessary to check out?

Before buying a varmint scope, you have to check out these features must. They are magnification power, adjustable level, glass or lens quality, controlling features and target illumination. Finally, your budget is a vital thing to compromise with.

Does warranty matter much?

Warranty matters. Because it ensures the product reliability and longer usage of your own. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty to make lifetime relationship with customers. Some companies offer 1-year warranty in real life. Choose your best option before you buy your scope.

What should be in packaging while buying the varmint scope?

It depends on the company promotion actually and their nature of interacting with the customers. Some company offers so many things along with the scope so they can get better reviews and positive feedback. But, you have to be careful whether you get the necessary things or not. Besides all the things the user manual is an important part of your scope for better usage. So, check this out before you receive the product.

Final Word

All the products mentioned above are better options for varmint shooters. But sometimes people failed to get the right scope from the market and sometimes receive defective models as well.

So before buying, the product, please do some research. Some manufacturers offer the replacement opportunity, but it is not comfortable for all to face the harassment. Decide first which product you wish to buy then take steps for buying that.

In addition, follow some reviews from customers who already experienced these scopes. It’ll definitely help you to take the wisest decision. Take care of your crops and livestock and make a better life with your favorite varmint scopes. Hope our reviews will guide you to choose the best varmint scope.

Before buying anything that would be the best in that category you need to do some research on that product. Go through every information you can acquire at the shortest time. It would help you to go on the right path.

Don’t be panic with the attractive and meaningless promotion of different companies. It’ll cost you a lot of money and restrain yourself from finding out the best varmint scope for the money.

Best of luck!

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